A Safe Space to Strength-Train
Super Chill Workouts, Powered by A.I.®


Super Chill Workouts®

Tailored & Guided Workouts, Powered by A.I.

Experience the only Hybrid Personal Training in the world - Every single individual has their own customised training program, programmed by A.I, while being guided by our Trainers throughout your session here.

You get to train with a community of encouraging like-minded people who are focused on being better versions of themselves every time they walk through our door.

We provide the only fitness routine where you experience Super Chill Workouts® as personalised training in a group setting.


  • Unlimited Monthly Pass: $189/month

  • Unlimited Students Monthly Pass: $89/month

  • Unlimited Seniors Monthly Pass: $180/month


We provide the perfect light-touch - you get your workouts done without a trainer hounding you, while having access to a trainer at the same time.



How Does Our Technology Work For You?

Super Chill Workouts® is an Artificial Intelligence Program which allows you to receive customised training just like personal training, without the high costs.

This proprietary program was built in-house for commercial training to address the needs of various skill levels within the same session. This is how you can train in the same session as our 73-year-old.


Our Ethos

If you keep on testing your limits, you will definitely find it - in injury.
— Evans Wu (Co-Founder & Chief Trainer)

You don’t need strobe lights, pumped up music, and fancy clothes to get fit. You don’t need to be beaten up to test your limits. Only good pain is gain. Can you tell the difference?

The Brave Shapes Co. is a sensible and moderate voice in the fitness scene in Singapore. Our studio’s culture allows you to train in a safe space, preventing unhealthy one-upmanship from injuring you or sidelining your fitness goals. We believe in the slow burn, the sustainable way to keep fit; do just enough, not more and not less.

We value and provide high quality training with tangible results, for those with patience to see fitness as a long game.


Our Community

We are inclusive not only in terms of where you come from, who you love, or what you eat but also because our A.I. program allows us to train seniors too. Our oldest client to date is an 83-year-old woman whom converses in Malay.

This is how clans of different generations come to train at our studio - they train together, and go home together.

We understand that different people of different age groups have different needs and require different skills. We accommodate all of those things.