Are you intimidated by loud and scary looking gyms?

The grunting and slamming of the weight plates, which you can hardly see due to poor lighting

The smell of sweat and rubber and commercial grade shampoo from the showers

The muscular people who remind you of how weak you are

Are you intimidated by loud and scary looking gyms?

The Brave Shapes Co. is none of the above


Gentle Training Program

Our flagship program - Super Chill Workouts® - is a scientifically sound program which allows you to gain progress at your own pace.

Due to the precise nature of the Super Chill Workouts® - there is no unwanted ‘encouragement’ from overzealous trainers screaming for ‘one more rep!’.

Friendly & Knowledgeable Trainers

Our trainers are all certified Personal Trainers from FISAF. Within our team is a trainer who was formally obese, and another was formally crippled.
We know how much it sucks to be talked down to, so we won’t do it to you.

Inclusive Space

Our community is unique as our studio’s culture is supportive and non-judgmental. Most of us have started from a point of fear and trauma (not being fit during our school days, getting mocked for being obese), so we know how much it hurts to be excluded.
No longer!

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A combination of bodyweight training, barbells and dumbbells, depending on your key goals.

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What is Super Chill Workouts®

Your very own customised training plan, based on your fitness ability, which will be progressive and tracked.

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Customised Training Plan

Formal Trainer assessment during your first class to discuss your key goals, progressive training plan allows you to head towards your goals - Just like Personal Training!

  • Customised training allows you to hit a specific goal target such as; weight loss, bodyweight skills training; i.e. handstand, pull ups - a high quality goal

  • Non-customised workouts are just like any other gym, where everyone performs the same exercises in a group setting. Although there are a large variety of exercises, it can result in you missing your goals.


Flexible Timing

Want to come in at 645pm? Just book the closest available slot on our booking calendar and just show up. It’s that simple. WE open slots in 30 min intervals in the evenings so you can fit us into your schedule. much win!


Unlimited Visits Per Month

Come as many times as you like in a month. ‘Nuff said

Supervised Workouts

During training you might struggle with certain difficult exercises. Fret not, as you have access to a Qualified and Certified Personal Trainer during your training.


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Try a trial with us for just $10 a class!


Be between the age of 18 to 55 years, time starved, and want Personal Training at a seriously affordable rate.

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New Low Price: $189 / month*

*billed monthly for 6 months, no cancellation charges

Student Price: $89 / month**

**Be a part-time or full-time student at any one of the tertiary institutions around the world at the point of purchasing the pass, or be on an internship. The Student Pass is also valid if you have just graduated from school, and are looking around for a job. We understand that transitioning to work will bring a lot of instability into your life, so we like to help you out in a small way! In this case, you are eligible for the Student Pass till the 2nd month of after you commence work.

Please bring along your IC or Passport + Student Pass during your first class for age verification. (Sorry you guys look really mature nowadays!)

**billed monthly, no cancellation charges

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Do Whatsapp us (message only) at +65 8869 5257

Please take some time to read our Terms and Conditions;