What is Calisthenics?


At The Brave Shapes Co, we teach bodyweight training (also known as Calisthenics) using the proven gymnastics method of mastery. 

How It Works:
The mastery method relies on progressively introducing harder exercises upon the mastery of the previous exercise. 

For example: 
If you are getting good at doing N Sits;


We will push you up to doing L Sits:


At this point, L Sits will be a struggle to you, and you will need to spend time mastering the movement.

Mastery in the Calisthenics/Gymnastics paradigm is defined as:

  1. Being able to perform exercise with relative ease - demonstrating good mind muscle connection

  2. Being able to talk or sing through your exercise - demonstrating enough core strength and capacity, as your core is well used during most bodyweight exercises

  3. Being able to enter and exit the movement quickly - demonstrating that your efforts are productive, as well as demonstrating competency and movement intelligence

These are other examples of Exercise Progression:


Side-to-Side Squat

Another example for leg exercises is the Side to Side Squat. The Side to Side Squat is considered a fundamental exercise.


Pistol Squats

Although the pistol squat is difficult to achieve, there are a lot more “steps” or progressions that make it easier to accomplish.