The Back Story

GET®, short for Gravity Endurance Training, was formulated in 2011. Co-Founder, Evans Wu (Chi Seng as he is sometimes known), was involved in an accident in 2008 when he was 19 years old. He was training for the Ironman Triathlon, and cycling at 45km/h along Changi when a car that was in front of him, jam-braked. He collided into the back of the car because he could not stop in time and this incident left him crippled on his left.

Within 3 months of his injury, he had put on 10kg because he was on a diet of instant noodles; which was all he could taste as the concussion caused him to lose his sense of taste. Although he was a competitive athlete since he was 6 years old, his knowledge of exercise was not able to bring him back to full function.

This challenged him to examine all sources of exercises and nutrition. He had to begin from Ground Zero. At the end of 2 years of trials on himself, he derived the GET® formula and got himself walking and competing in the Ironman again. Already having done the Ironman twice, he now clocked his best timing with the GET® formula.

The GET® formula is something that have got us where we are today and we have transformed many lives throughout the years ever since we started. When you begin your journey with us, tell us your goals, limitations and our trainers will guide you along the way.

You mean my training is derived from a mathematical formula? What exactly is the GET® Formula?

This complex mathematical formula involves calculating dynamic factors (emotional state, physical state, current fitness levels, past exercise experience, gender, age, sleep quality, etc.) that influences the individual’s training program for the day (micro level) and the way forward to get to their goals (macro level - the end goal).

And Super Chill Workouts®?

Doing more does not equal more gains. Sweating does not mean your fat is crying. Sweating is only a function of your body cooling down. The GET® formula allows our clients to take an easy pace to their workouts, which means literally zero or minimal sweating. But our workouts are by no means easy - we make sure that every client makes deliberate exertion for a full body workout. We just no longer have to do mindless reps.

This means that our workouts are gently progressive such that even seniors (individuals above 65 years old; World Health Organisation, 2019) can do the workouts and regain the fitness of their youth.

Why Use Free Weights and Body-Weight Training but not machines?

Body-Weight Training involves a workout that only uses your body weight as a form of resistance.

Body weight training has been around since ancient times, and it still remains a relevant form of workout today. We don't use machines because some gym machines bypasses training one's joints. Joints are important for developing elite level strength, as well as for maintaining good posture and active aging.