What are the benefits of Whey Protein Powders?

Whey Protein contains plenty of Essential Amino Acids to allow for your muscles to repair itself quickly, especially after a strength training session. 

We only give you the best protein brands!

We only give you the best protein brands!

When taken after a class:

  • Reduce Soreness

  • Decrease Duration of Soreness

  • Allow for Quicker Muscle Repair

  • Enables you to train more regularly and frequently

  • Which eventually allows you to gain strength quickly

Myths of Whey Protein Consumption:

  • FALSE - Kidney Damage (No studies have proven this)

  • FALSE - Gain weight easily (Only happens when over consumption happens)

  • FALSE - Unnatural Food Source (Whey is derived from cheese production, is 100% whole food)

  • FALSE - Does not turn anyone into a bodybuilder overnight (It takes way more than Whey Protein to turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger)