Benefits of Our Senior Classes

  1. Increases muscle mass & bone density through Strength Training Classes that are designed just for Seniors

  2. Program improves your flexibility, strength and coordination

  3. Access to Seniors-Specific Workouts which are specifically designed to extend years of good health as you age

  4. Supervised Group Workouts at all times

  5. Unlimited visits per month

  6. Helps alleviate neck, back, shoulder and knee pains


How The Classes Are Conducted

We use a combination of bodyweight training, barbells and dumbbells, depending on your key goals.

Guided group classes are at Mondays to Thursdays:
- 10:30am
- 5:30pm



Be over 55 years of age. You might look younger than your age, so please bring IC or Passport during first class for verification during your first class!

You need not have any prior fitness experience to join us.




Unlimited visits per month
No contracts to tie you down
Pause if you are travelling/unwell
No hidden costs



Do Whatsapp us (message only) at +65 8869 5257.

Please take some time to read our Terms & Conditions.