We run personalised training in a group setting. We focus on training the body as a single unit instead of a collection of body parts.

We train using calisthenics and free weights.


Calisthenics & Weights

The Calisthenics and Weights Class focuses on gaining strength with a mix of bodyweight exercises (Gymnastics) and weights (barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells)


Posture, Mobility & Flexibility (PMF)


Personal Training

The Posture, Mobility and Flexibility (PMF) Class is designed to improve your quality of life with various posture and mobility drills. You will also gain flexibility from the stretch component of the class, to allow for a greater range of pain-free motion in your body. 


Receive 120% attention, a more refined strategy for your goal achievement and extra motivational guidance to overcome your internal obstacles. For that hour, we work exclusively with you to sharpen your iron. And if you want to work on aches and pains you experience from daily wear and tear on top of your fitness goals, let's work on managing that together. Our oldest Personal Training client is 83 years old and we help her with her strength and mobility.

Perks you will enjoy as a PT Client is that you may train with a partner for the same price per class and you have additional access to all our other group classes.